Medical Support for the Ukraine Front Line and Civilian Aid Groups

So far we have made several trips to Poland with vehicles and Ukraine with aid. Supported by collection groups across Hampshire and West Sussex, we travel to Dover, through France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Poland to Ukraine.

From there we deliver the Civilian and Humanitarian aid we carry to Operation Safe Drop (Make a Difference Foundation) who have a storage unit both in Poland and Lviv. They then distribute this across Ukraine to areas which were Russian Held or to areas where Russia have launched attacks. their current focus is the areas affected by the dam breach near Kherson. We also deliver aid to The Ukrainian Patriots Association who are based in Kent and Kiev. this is mainly (non-lethal) nilkitary equipment such as boots and clothing.

The third organisation we support is Tsunami Regiment where we take trauma medical, vehicles and other useful equipment. 

So far we have taken out around 21,000 KG of aid that has been donated directly to us from the local community of Horndean and Clanfield, but also from Portsmouth Helps Ukraine, Petworth Ukrainian Relief, Bognor UKR group. As of July 2023, we have travelled nearly 25,000 miles over 6 trips by road, sea, air or rail depending upon what we have taken out and how we are able to get back to the uk as some donations have been vehicles on a one way trip.

Each vehicle costs about £3,000 to get to Ukraine and back with fuel, ferries, hotels and food. This is funded entirely by us. Any donations whether physical or cash go straight to where they are needed.

Currently, we are looking for funds to buy 1000 tourniquets (£10,000), 3 quad bikes for casualty evacuation and supplies delivery (£16,500) general medical £10,000. 

If you would like to help save the life of someone fighting for Ukraine whose name you will never know and you will never meet then please consider supporting us.

Medical supplies needed for troops

Odessa motorway Police unit has been converted to a Military unit to protect the coast with the Black Sea, they are Fury Brigade in Tsunami Regiment. They cover the coast from Odessa to Kherson and beyond. 

They have gone from a 300 strong unit to over 2300, there is some support from the Ukrainian Government however its very small and comes in sporadically and not enough for every regiment to increase their numbers at the pace that’s needed to fight for their country. 

Our goal is to supply personal first aid kits to front line troops, we are currently trying to obtain donated first aid kits from car scrap yards so that we can convert these in to front line kits (to keep costs down), we will be adding in things like Trauma Shears, Tourniquets, Emergency Trauma Dressings, gloves and tape ect.


Who we are supporting:

– Operation Safe Drop (MAD Foundation)
– The Ukrainian Patriots Association
– Tsunami Regiment in Ukraine

Who is supporting us:

– Clabfield, Horndean and Rowlands Castle UKR group
– Portsmouth Helps Ukraine
– Petworth Ukrainian Relief
– Bognor Regis UKR Group– Community of Horndean, Clanfield, Havant
– 1eight3
– Cllr Alex Rennie, Havant Borough Council Leader
– Cllr Imogen Payter, Havant Borough Council

Latest news

United Patriots Association

 The Ukrainian Patriots Association (UPA) is a volunteer run Non-Profit limited by guarantee organisation founded in 2022. From the beginning of the full scale invasion they have been working tirelessly to provide urgently required aid to the Heroes of Ukraine fighting for freedom on the front-lines and those whose lives have been affected by the war.

So far their team has provided over 120 Tonnes of Aid to Ukraine. However, as the war still continues they continue to work and continue providing as much aid as possible to Ukraine. UPA works in several key areas to provide urgently required items to those who require them most urgently.

The MAD Foundation

To date, the MAD Foundation has helped build and renovate schools, pre-schools, orphanages, clinics, water and sanitation systems; provided scholarships, workshops and placements throughout Africa, South America, and South East Asia; creating life-changing projects for developing communities.

MAD Foundation’s Operation SafeDrop has been working on the ground in Poland and Ukraine since early March to assist and support Ukrainian families fleeing the conflict Our humanitarian staff and volunteers help vulnerable individuals through their entire path to safety. MAD’s extraction team brings aid to needed locations in the East for those remaining in place and carries out extractions from those locations for women, children, and other vulnerable individuals seeking safety further west. Our skilled volunteer translators have supported refugees through the often difficult transition through the refugee centers in Poland and navigating the transition to stable accommodation.

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Operation Safe Drop

Read more about Operation Safe Drop (Make A Difference Foundation) a UK registered charity we support with Civilian aid and medical equipment.

Ukrainian Patriots Association

Read more about Ukrainian Patriots Association who we support with military clothing and equipment.

Tsunami Regiment

Read more about Tsunami Regiment who we support with military vehicles and (Trauma) Medical.

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